About Us

MineWurx Studio is located just outside Washington, DC – in Fairfax, Virginia, and has been in operation since the late 90’s.

We are a studio and agency B2B specializing in voice over audio production for
technical, medical and science-based narration and e-Learning projects.
We are experienced producers and directors in the health science marketing and science visualization industry.

We know Science Visualization

  • We natively function as members of the team.
  • We are available throughout the project lifecycle – at all production stages.
  • We have an absolute appreciation for the demanding nature of the industry.

We know Technical Production

  • We have passion for the creative intensity.
  • Integrate our communications into your structure and workflow.
  • Respect the serious nature of the content.
  • Are very fond of intelligence.

Given the brilliant people we’ve partnered with for the last few decades, we’ve developed a certain industry fluency that makes us easy to work with. We work through the prism of our client’s clients, with a clear appreciation of the importance of seamless workflows, attention to detail, fast turn-around and accurate, efficient, high quality results. Plain and simple – it’s the only way we work.