MineWurx Studio – A Voice Over Production Studio

Specialists in Scientific Visualization and Animation Audio
Voice Over – Custom Production Music Sync

Your trusted production partners

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from small business to Fortune 500 companies, and many global Health Science brands.

Audio Recovery & Restoration

Digital audio restoration, enhancement and preservation.

Custom Production Music Sync

Audio production for Biomedical Visualization & the Health Science community

Podcast & Audio Book Mastering

Fast turnaround on top quality production

Voice Talent Casting

Casting, Recording, Editing and Post all in one place

Project Management

Full service A/V project management workflow

E-Learning & Science Narration

Promotional and educational content creation

Video Editing :: Sound Design :: Custom Music & SFX

About Us

MineWurx Studio is located in Fairfax, VA and has been in operation since the late 90’s.

We are a studio and agency B2B specializing in voice over audio production for
technical, medical and science-based narration and e-Learning projects.
We are experienced producers and directors in the health science marketing and scientific visualization industry.

We know Science Visualization

  • We natively function as members of the team.
  • We are available throughout the project lifecycle – at all production stages.
  • We have an absolute appreciation for the demanding nature of the industry.

We know Technical Production

  • We have passion for the creative intensity.
  • Integrate our communications into your structure and workflow.
  • Respect the serious nature of the content.
  • Are very fond of intelligence.

Given the brilliant people we’ve partnered with for the last few decades, we’ve developed a certain industry fluency that makes us easy to work with.

We work through the prism of our client’s clients, with a clear appreciation of the importance of seamless workflows, attention to detail, fast turn-around and accurate, efficient, high quality results.

Plain and simple – it’s the only way we work.

Contact Us

Leave a detailed message by phone in our general voicemail: (202) 780-5524‬
or use the contact form below to email us directly.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!
Once we’re part of the team – you’ll have our cell.

    Mostly complete list of studio services: 🙂

    Voice Over:

    Project Management – We expedite your voice casting, talent screening, booking, processing and payment workflow.

    Voice Over Talent Casting – We only work with the very best and most professionally qualified voices for your projects, providing custom auditions for every job.

    Production and Direction – Your sessions are in capable hands, with experienced producers at every turn throughout the production process.

    Editing and Mastering – Top quality end-to-end audio capture and processing – to any desired export standard.

    Voice to Video Sync – Audio production sequenced to specific timelines set in existing visuals and previously rendered animation and video content.

    Global Remote Connections – Work with any voice over talent, anywhere in the world.

    Voice Over Coaching & Training – Tenured guidance and instruction from seasoned voice over coaches, instructors and audio professionals.

    Audio Session Conferencing – Your team can connect remotely and participate in recording sessions via any modern remote conferencing software – (Teams – Zoom for example)

    Super-Fast Scratch Tracks – We can often add a scratch to any project same-day or overnight.

    Audio Production:

    Audio Editing – At our heart, we are editors. Narration, Documentary, e-Learning, Science & Technical, Legal, Audio Books. We cut our teeth as editors and finishers of long form audio of all varieties.

    Custom Production Music – Unique, personalized music tailored to your productions. Background beds or sequenced to scene. Audio for any video, event or animation.

    Stock Music Mixing and Mastering – Musical accompaniment for any presentation, podcast or media creation.

    Audio Restoration, Enhancement and Preservation – De-noise, De-Hum, scrub, re-balance and clean up poorly captured audio.

    Podcast Production, Mixing, Editing and Mastering – Create broadcast ready audio for communications, transmission, and social media distribution.

    Voice Over Demos – Demo production, mixing and mastering services for Medical, Health Science, Documentary and Narration.