Amazing break down of the new Mac Pro

The newly redesigned Mac Pro

The newly redesigned Mac Pro

Here’s a break down of the new Mac Pro from Apple.

Looks pretty cool… But will we be able to repair it?

Video breakdown of the Mac Pro




Very cool study of visual music...

Here is the direct link…

This is a really cool guide to Sound Effects Design

Thought you might enjoy this.

The Guide to Sound Effects from Epic Sound..

Starstruck has Returned. Get in on the Kickstarter!! Old Proldiers Never Die!

Harry Palmer - Starstruck

Harry Palmer – Starstruck

Elaine Lee and Michael Wm. Kaluta’s 176-page, sci-fi noir Graphic Novel, set in the Starstruck Multiverse.

Be part of the Kickstarter Here

Starstruck is the long-time obsession of actress-turned-writer Elaine Lee and renowned fantasy artist Michael Kaluta. Its creators share a black sense of humor, a love of the odd and arcane, and a shocking willingness to butcher sacred cows.

An EMMY-nominated actress and writer of comics, animation, plays, prose and audio scripts, Lee is best known for her comics Starstruck and Vamps. She is a producing partner with AudioComics, a company making professional, full-cast “audio movies” inspired by stories from comic books, graphic novels and genre fiction, and whose production Titanium Rain was just nominated in two categories for the 2013 Audie Awards.

SPECTRUM Grand Master and winner of numerous art awards, Michael Kaluta is equally well known as an illustrator, sequential artist, and cover artist. Working in comics, Michael is best known for his work on The Shadow and Madame Xanadu, as well as his covers for Books of Magic, Conan and House of Mystery. Other notable work includes his beautiful illustrations for Thea von Harbou’s Metropolis and covers for Glenn Danzig’s albums.

Travel - Human interest video - Benim Turkiye - My Turkey

We’ve been working on the railroad – doing 2D to 3D still image conversions and up-scaling 480i NTSC footage to 720p HD – below is our new version of the Benim Turkiye – My Turkey – Part 1 – Istanbul: Parts 2 and 3 should follow… Soon.

During editing it took us 17 months to finally get to a point where we felt comfortable that we’d be able to get the visual experience we were looking for. Now that we have it we’re moving along a lot faster.

All of the motion picture was shot on an old Sony Carl Zeiss Handycam NTSC camera and is as shaky as WWII gun camera footage. We’ve gone to great lengths to try not to use most of the really shaky stuff. To make up for it we switched to turning many of the stills into motion shots. It’s a lot of work, but so entirely worth it.

The piece is a combination of still and motion shots, and serves as the intro to the rest of the story – the discoveries I was able to make as I traveled with my wife to the Turkish countryside, through tumultuous parts of eastern Turkey to see the village she was raised in and meet her family for the first time.

The writing, voice over, music production and composition were done here at the studio using a variety of platforms – ACID Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe CS5 and Vegas Pro for the NLE.